"Growing Through Living God's Word"
From the Pastor …
TransitionOur Transition Team will meet for a while yet, but soon giving way to the Call Committee, which is being formed this month by the Elders. We will keep you up to date as the time to begin the Calling process will soon begin.

Transition TeamSteve Tobias, Dale Halaburt, Ernie Arambula, Josh Weaver, Rob Arnold, Evelyn Steiner, Greg Wilson, Karen Eck, Elaine Walther, Megan Spurgeon, and Gail Elsner.  We have met 10 times now and continue to study Faith's history, our strengths, needs, opportunities, our community, kinds of churches, etc., etc.

The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study group has been and continues to be a key piece in this process. We've studied what the Call is, how it's done and how a Pastor processes it. The Transition Team and the soon-to-be-formed Call Committee will focus on very specific issues regarding your next Pastor, and so will the Bible Study group.

 The Call Committee will be made up of 5-7 members who come from the Elders and the Transition Team. They will begin their work in the near future, under the direction of our Circuit Visitor, Pastor Rick Boshoven of Trinity, Merrillville. (This is part of his duties for congregations in our Circuit.) This Committee will be keeping everyone up to date on how things progress. It takes a while to get this work done.

The Processional Cross is away for repairs. It has been getting tarnished badly each week. It will get shined up and re-coated and then returned to us in the not-to-distant future. So (obviously) we won't be having processions and the worship service will begin at the front.

Worship Services Our summer schedule of one worship service at 9 a.m. continues through the Labor Day weekend. The Elders will soon decide what the schedule will look like after that. Feel free to express to the Elders your thoughts and feelings about this.

Confirmation InstructionConfirmation Instruction for our young people, grades 6, 7 and 8, will begin again this month. Classes will be held Wednesday evenings 6-7 p.m. here at church. • Grade 6 will be taught by Lee VanVuren• Grade 7 will be taught by Deaconess Eck• Grade 8 students will be taught by Pastor Karl

There will be an orientation meeting held on August 21st at church. All students and parents need to attend as we lay out an overview of this faith formation experience, expectations, schedules, etc. for this important faith development, which culminates in the young person's affirmation of Baptismal promises.

Church Picnic -  Worship in the park and a church picnic is in the planning stages for September 15, 2019 at Spencer Park in the Large Pavilion.  We are looking for volunteers to assist with this event- please contact Karen Eck or Pastor Frincke for more information.  Updates will be posted in the weekly bulletin.

Faithful Crafters News Faithful Crafters are working on various projects for Orphan Grain Train.  One project is sleeping mats for people in third world countries. These are crocheted out of plastic bags. There will be a container to deposit plastic bags. Another is knit shorts for boys made from men's t-shirts, new or slightly used. Donations accepted.  

Christmas Gift BoxesPlease turn in your Christmas Gift Boxes by August 4th.

Birthday Lunch NewsThis month we will be celebrating the birthdays of Bob Schultz Sr., Bob Dybcio and Layton Profrock Sr. at Heather's restaurant on August 26th at noon.

Social Ministry Committee NewsA "BIG" thank you to all who submitted a Social Ministry Survey last month. We received 43 surveys.  The majority of the responses received were to continue our projects with Orphan Grain Train, which we are currently working on.  The Social Ministry Committee met on June 17th.  We reviewed and discussed at length the survey results, along with your written suggestions.  We developed an Action Plan and will make that available to the congregation in writing within the next week or so.  Many Blessings, Social Ministry Committee

Back to School Fair-  For the 6th Annual Back to School Fair our church will be giving out washable colored markers so there will be a container under the mailboxes for anyone who would like to donate markers please put them in the container.  The Back to School Fair is August 3rd from 10 am to 12 noon.

DeMotte Church League Softball- Faith Lutheran softball team began their season on July 21st.  They were edged out by Calvary Christian 11-7 (shortened by rain).  Come out and cheer on our home team - games are played on Sunday afternoon through September 8.  We play First Church on July 28 at 1:00 p.m. on the Big Field (field 7).  A copy of their schedule is in the fellowship hall.  GO FAITH LUTHERAN!!!!!

Preschool Orientation- Preschool orientation will be on August 26th at 6:00 p.m. for the 4-5 class and August 27th at 6:00 p.m. for the 3-4 class.   

Sunday OfferingSundayPlate EnvelopesDir DepositMissionsDebt ReductionFlowersBldg FundOtherTotal Giving06/30/19 $  256.00 $   3,116.00 $         60.00 $        40.00 $           3,472.00 07/07/19 $    41.00 $   4,788.00 $         60.00 $         25.00 $               175.00 $    30.00 $           5,119.00 07/14/19 $    24.00 $   3,808.00 $      310.00 $         10.00 $               405.00 $    45.00 $       1.00 $           4,603.00 07/21/19 $  234.00 $   3,193.00 $         60.00 $      100.00 $  300.00 $           3,887.00

Sunday Worship AttendanceAccount Balances - July 25, 2019 Fund Balances- July 25, 2019Sunday9:00 a.m. Church CheckingChurch SavingsMembership Hardship Fund $        2,650.00 06/30/19101 $                22,158.52 $          60,832.42 Adopt-a-Student $        1,335.17 07/07/19104 Mortgage Balance - June 26, 2019Cancer Care $        1,574.02 07/14/1993 $                                                 235,337.15 07/21/19100