"Growing Through Living God's Word"
Family Life
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"Growing Through Living God's Word"
"Where the peace which surpasses all understanding is received"
Rev. Jared Raebel, Sr. Pastor
Rev. Dale Hetherington, Assistant Pastor
Mrs. Karen Eck, Deaconess
Mrs. Kimberly Sutton, Administrative Secretary
Mrs. Patty Sojka, Preschool Administrator
Mrs. Karen Schoonveld, Before School Director
May 13, 2018

NOTES ABOUT PEOPLE OF FAITH:  Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's here with us today!   Jeannette Ahrens will be undergoing outpatient surgery this week in Lafayette.

TODAY'S SERVERS:  Greeters & Offertory: Early: The Sarosys Late: The Witts.  Elder & Head Usher: Harlin Ison and Phil Klemp & Vic Musenbrock and Ernie Manns. Ushers: Colin Wheeler, Dan and Andrew Brei & Gene Koroncz, Joe Hubbard, and Mike Gray.  Asst. & Reader: Bill Walther and Pastor Raebel & Peggy Arnold. Acolyte: Isabella Dockemeyer and Carson Hines. Children's Church: Van Vurens & Logan Manns. Organist: Evelyn Steiner. Altar Guild for May: Marianne Klemp, Bernice Anderson, and Elaine Featherston & Kathy Musenbrock and Deb Musenbrock.

ONE SERVICE REMINDER: Our holiday worship schedule begins this Memorial Day weekend May 27th.  On that Sunday, we will have only one service.  Coffee and fellowship begins at 8:30 a.m., Bible Class at 9:00 a.m., and Worship at 10:00. 

THANK YOU: We received many outstanding comments on the music which was offered during our confirmation Sunday last Sunday.  We thank the praise band for their rendition, as well as the adult choir.  Our thanks also to Ryan Crim and Grant Manns for the outstanding job they did in playing their trumpets and for transposing on the spot.  We thank God for all of the musical talent at Faith!

MORE THANKS: We would like to thank the following ladies for helping to make the Confirmation Banquet last Wednesday a huge success!  We thank Tommy Schuster, Jen Golenia, Cecilia Raebel, and Pam Westerlund for all their efforts!  Well done, ladies!

MEET THE NEWLYWEDS!: Come one, come all to the Fellowship Hall between services on June 17th.  Enjoy food (cake, fruit, and beverages), fellowship, and a visit with the newly-married Micah and Karissa Raebel.

EXPLAINING THE LITURGY: Each week, we feature one aspect of our liturgy and explain its meaning. Today, we feature the readings.  Please see the attached page for information.

SHEPHERD PROGRAM BACK: The Board of Elders has approved the reinstatement of the shepherd program.  This involves having one caring person serve as an undershepherd of five families.  The responsibilities would be to encourage the "sheep" under their care to stay faithful in Word and Sacrament ministry, be a liaison between the families under their care and the pastor, and make sure not only of their spiritual, but social and physical welfare.  If you are willing to serve as this type of shepherd, please submit your name either to pastor or an elder.

THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS: Debra Miller donated her Thrivent dollars to the Preschool.  If you would like to designate your dollars to the church or preschool, speak to Pastor and he will explain how it is done.  Thank you, Debra!

YARD WORK HELP NEEDED: We still have a lot of weekends available for people to sign up and help out with yard work.  Along with the riding tractor, there are weeds to pull, areas that need the push mower, and general upkeep.  This is a great way to get a little workout in too.  Count your steps, get some sun, and help make our lawn look wonderful!    Thank you to all who volunteer.

MEN'S RETREAT: Men, mark your calendar for our men's retreat at Potato State Creek Park August 24-26th.  Cost is $65.00, which includes lodging and food while there.  The study topic is yet to be determined.  You may invite friends if you like.  Checks paying for registration fees should be made out to the church.

UPCOMING VBS: Our VBS is June 25-29.  Make plans to join us, and invite your friends and neighborhood children.

BABY BOTTLE BOOMERANG: The final day to turn in your baby bottles will be next Sunday, May 20th.  Please bring in your filled bottles that day.  Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Women's Center and this wonderful cause! 

WORK DAY: On Saturday, June 2nd, we need workers to help clear brush, trees, and vegetation.  The lot will be the future project of Faith Farms/Gary Hives to plant wild flowers and make it a bee sanctuary in order to beautify Faith Farms Gary.  We will start at 9 a.m. and go until we are satisfied with our progress.  If you have a chainsaw, brush shears, or any tools that would help, please bring them.  We also need people to pull the branches to a waste receptacle and to pile logs.


  8:00/10:30 a.m.        Worship
  9:15 a.m.        Adult Bible Class

  6:00 p.m.        S.S. teachers/Board of Education/ Board of Youth dinner at Sandy Pines

  5:00 p.m.        TOPS 

12:00 p.m.        Crafters        
  9:00 a.m.        Prayer service

  8:00/10:30 a.m.        Worship
  9:15 a.m.        Adult Bible Class
May 6, 2018: 188   8:00: 56   10:30: 132
May 7, 2017: 200

Plate:        $ 185.00
General Offerings:          $6,186.00
Sunday School        $25.00
TOTAL May 6, 2018        $6,396.00
TOTAL May 7, 2017        $7,328.00

Adopt a student        $20.00
Missions        $15.00
Debt reduction        $490.00
Budgetary Dollars Needed Weekly (For '15-16)        $6,070.59
Budgetary Dollars Rec'd. May 6, 2018         $6,396.00
Surplus        $325.41

As of May 10, 2018        $15,069.44

MORTGAGE BALANCE as of May 1, 2018
Family Life Center        $275,133.81

Membership Hardship Fund        $2,650.00
Adopt-A-Student        $285.17
Cancer Care        $1,549.02

FINANCIAL NOTES: We stay current and ahead on our mortgage payments.  Our 20 year loan is reduced to about an 18 year loan.  Our debt per baptized member is at $781.63, and per household is $1,798.26.  Our monthly loan payment is $1,986.18, and $830.00 goes to interest.

HELP NEEDED: If you have a love for your church, a passion to see your church grow, and have internet access, please talk to Pastor Raebel about an evangelism task needing done.

BIBLE READINGS: Readings this week are: Monday (Numbers 14:26-45 and Luke 18:35-19:10), Tuesday (Num. 16:1-22 and Luke 19:11-28), Wednesday (Num. 16:23-40 and Luke 19:29-48) Thursday (Num. 16:41-17:13 and Luke 20:1-18), Friday (Num. 20:1-21 and Luke 20:19-44), Saturday (Num. 20:22-21:9 and Luke 20:45-21:19), Sunday (Numbers 21:10-35 and Luke 21:20-38).  You can find these in the LSB hymnal on pages 299-303.

NEXT WEEK'S SERVERS:  Greeters & Offertory: Early: The Halaburts Late: The Manns.  Elder & Head Usher: Harlin Ison and Phil Klemp & Vic Musenbrock and Ernie Manns. Ushers: Don Popp, Steve Tobias, and Bob Ebert & Vic Musenbrock, Rob Arnold, and Jason Celorio.  Asst. & Reader: Jill Leath & Ernie Arambula. Acolyte: Brandon Dockemeyer and Autumn Celorio. Children's Church: Deaconess Eck. Organist: Ryan Crim. Altar Guild for May: Marianne Klemp, Bernice Anderson, and Elaine Featherston & Kathy Musenbrock and Deb Musenbrock.

TELECARE CALLER: The caller this week is Missy Schultz.
THOSE TO REMEMBER: Please keep in your thoughts and prayers: Dorothy Christopher, Ray Hoover, Miriam Kenealy,  Ray Layton, Ruth Pedersen, and Nan Tavarczky.

MILITARY TO REMEMBER: Please pray for Jeff Lessentine, Joel Ison, Jason DeFranco, Joe Meyer, Kyle Chadwick, Stuart Price, Bryce Gawnronski, and Jason Szerlak.  We ask family members/friends keep the church office up to date with addresses so they can be passed along to church members.

Contact Information

Pastor Raebel                987-3730 (Church Office)
                                987-2190 (Home)

Pastor Hetherington        317-605-5536

Mrs. Kimberly Sutton        987-3730 (Church Office)
Administrative Sec.

Mrs. Patty Sojka                219-987-3430 (Preschool Office)
Preschool Administrator

Deaconess Karen Eck        987-2358 (Home)
Mrs. Karen Schoonveld        
Before School Director