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Before school  day care
This is a Before School Child Care Program

Mornings at Faith Before School Program
Faith Lutheran Church
1700 S Halleck St
DeMotte, IN 46310

Director:  Mrs. Karen Schoonveld
Church Office: (219) 987-3730
Facebook: Mornings at Faith Before School Care
Email for this program---  morningsatfaith@gmail.com

The care and education of children is a society's single most important task. To help meet this responsibility, Faith Lutheran Church provides a Before-School child care program for toilet trained children ages three and up who are students at Faith Lutheran Preschool, DeMotte Elementary, or KVIS.
Children benefit greatly from loving, supportive relationships with caring adults. The staff of our program is committed to providing children with leadership, structure and guidance within an organized and stable environment.
Before children can begin to care for others, they must feel cared for themselves. The home, school, and community provide many opportunities to help children develop into caring, cooperative adults. Faith's Before School Child Care Program aims to be another place where children can develop self-esteem and self-confidence, and find trust, security, affection and caring.

To enroll a child into the Before School Program, parents must complete all required forms and pay a one-time, non refundable registration fee of $25. ($20 for a second child.) The current rates for child care are as follows:
$10 per day/$16 per day for 2 children
$40 per week (when attending 5 days )
$65 per week for 2 children (5 days)
Payments are due weekly or bi-weekly, by Wednesday, as long fees are paid in advance and not behind. Cash or checks made out to Faith Lutheran Church are accepted. If a parent falls more than 3 weeks behind in tuition, the child may not be allowed to attend the program until full balance is rendered.

Our Before School Program provides parents with convenient early morning care. The program is non-instructional; however, help with homework and studying is available. A variety of activities such as simple art projects, board games, LEGOS, puzzles and more are provided. Students will be supervised by a minimum of 2 adults at all times, under the direction of the Program Administrator. The ratio of students to staff is 10 to 1.

Faith Lutheran's Before School Care is open every school day of the year. It does not operate during teacher in-service days or during school breaks. The program opens at 6:00am; under no circumstances may a child enter the church prior to that time. Children must be escorted by a parent and brought in through the side door of Faith's Fellowship Hall. The door remains locked for safety purposes; ring the doorbell for access. Parents must sign their child in at time of drop off. There are no exceptions to this policy and it is strictly enforced.
We are here until children are picked up by the school bus, or until Faith's preschool starts.

In the event that school is delayed due to weather, Before School Care will open at its regular time and remain open until children are picked up by the school bus. Extra snacks and activities will be provided. The cost of additional care and snacks are INCLUDED in the weekly tuition.
If school is cancelled prior to 6:00am, Morning Care will not be available and parents will need to make other arrangements. However, if school is cancelled during our hours of operation (for example, if a 2-hour delay becomes a cancellation), we will remain open until noon. Lunch will be provided. Again, the fee for additional care is already included in the weekly tuition cost.

In times of emergencies, we understand that someone other than a parent may need to pick up a student. We will only allow those named on the child's registration form to pick up. A photo ID will be required before we release the child to the care of that individual.
If a child is in our care during a school cancellation, arrangements must be made to have the child picked up by 12:00 noon. Failure to do so will result in a fee of $5 per child for each 15 minutes past noon.

Breakfast will be provided for children each day until 7:30am. Breakfast typically includes hot or cold cereal, toast, fresh fruit, and milk or juice. A hot meal (i.e. pancakes) may be served once per week. Morning Care will provide an additional snack or lunch on school delay/cancellation days.

Transportation to the Before School Program is the parents' responsibility. KV School Corporation provides bus transportation to DeMotte Elementary and KVIS. If parents of a child enrolled at another school wishes to use the program, they must provide their own transportation to the school by 8:00am.

Parents must complete an emergency form at the time of registration. If a minor injury occurs, such as a cut or scrap, First Aid will be given and parents will be notified with a call or note. Staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR. If a more serious injury occurs, the following steps will be taken:
1.        Staff will call 911.
2.        Parents or an emergency contact will be called
3.        Staff member will accompany child taken to hospital
4.        Child will be released from hospital only to a parent

Faith Lutheran Church does not assume responsibility for injuries, accidents or loss of personal property that may occur at the Before School Child Care Program.

Mornings at Faith Before School Care reserves the right to dismiss a child from the program if the child's behavior makes it difficult for peers, staff, or the program itself to function optimally.

3-Strike Policy: The program operates on a 3-strike policy. A child can receive up to 3 "checks" (strikes) in a single day for unacceptable behavior. After that, the child will receive a Parent Report which is a note sent home to the parents which must be signed and returned to the Director. The report will be kept on file. If a student receives three parent reports within one school year, it will be grounds for termination. In cases of physical violence or other extreme behavior, Mornings at Faith reserves the right to bypass the 3-strike policy and expel the student immediately.

Failure to meet tuition requirements may also result in dismissal from the program. The Program Director will work with parents to avoid a child's expulsion.

For questions or concerns, please contact Program Director Jennifer Wilshire at  (219) 987-3730.

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